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Live on purpose.

I hope you learn to love all of the things about yourself that the world says isn’t good enough. Every single "imperfection". It is all on us to have the best life that we possibly can, and it takes a constant effort to keep moving forward and maintain a balance. My hope for you is to be thoughtful and intentional with what you expose yourself to because that exposure becomes the advisors in your life. It begins to impact your life choices, decisions that are important and matter. Bring things and people and experiences into your life that will benefit you, things that make you better than you were the day before. And please be patient and gentle with yourself. Allow yourself grace when you fall. Holding yourself to an impossible standard is only unfair to you and your shot at happiness. Lastly, show love. Spread kindness everywhere you can because everyone is fighting some hidden battle, usually behind and a smile, and you may be able to only thing that makes them feel seen that day.